Friday, January 2, 2009

Cutest Cookie Ever

Tell me this isn't the cutest homemade cookie you've ever seen, and I will call you a liar!My neighbor, Sandy, made these for Christmas/New Years, and I happily ate one New Year's Eve. (cellphone shot, sorry) I am not going to make them here, but I knew I had to pass this on.

*The base is an Oreo cookie dipped in white chocolate.
The "body" is made from a maraschino cherry dipped in chocolate; the "tail" is the cherry's stem.
*The "head" is made from a Hershey's Kiss.
*The ears are almond slivers
*The decoration cake decorating stuff, but I'm sure you could just put cookie decorations/sprinkles on the base to look just as cute, and use those tiny tubes you can buy to do the eyes/nose.

If I were you, I'd bookmark this for next year, because if you do, your dessert will be the hit of the party! :)
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