Friday, May 13, 2011

Cake Pop Kids

I first got into the cake pop thing after landing on Bakerella's blog and buying her book for Kendall. Kendall was too busy with school--classes, prom, final exams, getting her driver's license, etc. to barely open it, but I figured it could be a fun little hobby for her.  She loved the cake pops I made, and when she finally wrapped up her A.P.European History exam, she decided it was time to play!  She made her first batch on Wednesday, and they were so wildly received at school that she and her friend, Kelsey, excitedly made some more, this time for A.P. classmates.

That little bottle in her hand is worth its weight in gold, btw!

A little messy (she's learning). 
I suggested she decorate before putting them in the cute little paper cups,
 but what do I know?! :)

You know you've been making cake pops when...

Cake pops, cake balls, goof balls...It's all good!

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