Sunday, November 3, 2013

Brain Hemorrhage Shots

As many of you know, we have an annual Halloween party. 
I generally abstain from alcohol; it just doesn't agree with me, for the most part, 
though I do enjoy the rare Baileys on-the rocks. 
That said, our party guests enjoy shots, 
so this year we decided to make the eye-appealing "Brain Hemorrhage" shot. 
I found the directions here. 

Peach Schnapps
Baileys Irish Cream
Blue Curacao
Grenadine (Buy a small one; you don't need much.)

The directions said to first fill a shot glass half-full of schnapps and to then "carefully" add Baileys until it's nearing the top. This is what it looked like when I wasn't careful enough;

The photo below shows the shots I made, 
in order of learning curve (from left to right).
I learned that using a spoon to carefully drop the liquids in 
resulted in the best look.

This is not a shot recipe for careless people who lack patience;
take your time.

Getting back to the directions....
After the Baileys, spoon the blue Curacao in carefully.

Then drop 3-4 drops of grenadine in.
(I used a tiny plastic shotglass to do this.)

The more careful you are, the better they look.

Partygoers who drank these were pretty grossed out by the texture of the "brain bits" in them
(which is half the fun, right?)
though not grossed out enough to spit them out.

"It tastes about like you'd expect a brain hemorrhage to taste."

I'm pretty sure no one drank more than one.

For what it's worth, I made these shots more than an hour before we needed them,
and they stayed just as gross-looking until we served them.

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