Thursday, April 28, 2011

Candy Writer Fail?

I bought these "Candy Writers" to decorate my Easter Egg Cake Pops, and for about 30 minutes, they worked, but overall, I am really not happy with them, so I thought I'd warn you.  I followed instructions on the tubes, and they seemed warmed up well enough, but I just could not get the yellow one to come out more than one time. How strange is that?! The other two colors worked for my eggs, but after that, they were useless. I'm sure I can get my money back if I take them back to the store I got them from, but I'm not happy about the hassle. I'm new at the sweet-decorating thing, so if you have a product you love that does the same thing (adds fine detail in bright colors that aren't gels), let me know, please :)

Update: I left the tubes sitting next to my computer for about an hour before I picked one up and noticed that it had warmed up again, due to the "exhaust" from my computer on that side. Out of curiosity, I picked it up, took the cover off, and tried it out (on my finger). It worked.  How funny.  Also, I finally figured out that it's cheaper and easier to simply buy a little, plastic, cake decorating bottle and fill it with melted candy coating to decorate with. Works like a charm :)
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