Thursday, June 30, 2011

Peanut Butter Cake Pops

See these little babies?

You may think them cute, but actually, they are quite ugly (the process, anyway). 
While in California, I bought  this cake pop at a Farmers Market...

...and once home, quickly set out to replicate it, because it--was--delicious!  
I'm happy to report that mine are wonderfully delicious, as well, but they did not come without folly. Fortunately for you, you'll be able to learn from my mistakes.

1 yellow cake and the ingredients mentioned on the box (eggs, oil, water)
3/4 container butter cream frosting
peanut-butter-flavored candy coating
creamy peanut butter (or crunchy, if you'd like a lumpy effect)
sucker sticks

(And now my mouth is watering again!)

Bake the cake and make the cake balls as instructed here.  

You with me? Good.  

Next, scrape the frosting off of the Oreos, like so....

(And please don't tell me they sell Oreos without the frosting, because I'm certain they're just not the same; you gotta have that little bit of sweet left on 'em to make 'em just yummy.) 
Get rid of your pent-up aggression by smashing the Oreos inside a Ziplock bag any way you choose, 
and set the crumbs aside.

Next, melt the candy coating. 
As you can see here, the instructions that came with mine said to melt them and add peanut butter.....

so I did,

....but as you will see in a moment, this created a pretty big pain in the butt--A delicious, ugly mess, 
and I'm hoping to figure out a way to correct it, but I can't argue with the finger-lickin' results--
These babies are delicious.

I made cake pops, so I used sticks. It's a matter of preference, of course. 
Dip a stick in candy coating, place it into the ball of cake...

and dip it into the melted coating.

Looks simple enough, right? 
However, you might also notice that the addition of creamy peanut butter
caused the candy coating to be very runny. 
Quickly, I tried the expected method of letting it drip a bit and then "simply" rolling it in the Oreo crumbs, which resulted in this:

Drat! So I tried this-- rolling them around a little...

Ugly, see? And this...

They still looked like wrecks. 
The coating, though it set up well enough eventually, was just really drippy.

Finally, I decided to do this:

I just sprinkled a bed of Oreos down, dipped them, set them on top of the Oreo dust, 
and quickly sprinkled more on their tops. 
By the time I figured it out, I had this motley crew of practice peanut butter cake-pops.

Every single one of them was delicious. 
Well, not that I ate every single one of them,
but I do admit to eating one of each style
(strictly for quality-control purposes, of course).

The next time I make these (and believe me, there will be a next time), I will probably....
*use a little less peanut butter, maybe?
*buy a different brand of candy melts, maybe?

But that's all that I'd change--
I've made yellow cake with butter cream before and found it to be just "okay."
However, with the addition of peanut butter and Oreos?

I like to put my cake pops in the freezer. Have you ever tried that? 
You might not want to do that, though,
because who needs cake-pops that are now twice as good,
 and therefore impossible to avoid eating? 

You might gain 10 pounds from eating them,

and then,

it could get really ugly.

Hey, if you get inspired and decide to go to Creative Cake Supplies (in Green Bay, in the little plaza across from McDonald's on Shawano Ave), tell them Mrs4444 sent you, will you?  I'd appreciate it.
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