Saturday, July 2, 2011

Devil's Sex Cake Bites!

Tonight I started making one of Kyle's favorites--Devil's Sex Cake when I had a fantastic idea! 
OMG!! I could make Devil's Sex Cake Pops or Cake Bites! What fun! Here's how it worked--

Make Basic Cake Pops using devil's food cake and milk chocolate frosting. 
You'll also need this (4-6 bars if you're making a whole cake, or just two if you're making cake pops out of half of the cake, which is what I did)

and this...

I think Mrs. Richardson's might not be available in everyone's area, 
so if you find some, buy more than one (for next time)!

You'll need some CoolWhip if you want to go that route (you'll see what I mean later).

After chilling the dough and making the balls, poke the end of a wooden spoon into each cake pop, 
making space for the best part (coming up in a minute).  I want to point out that after I made the holes,

I realized this would stick less and might work better:

(It did.) Recognize it? It's a nutcracker! (Necessity is the mother of invention, you know.)

Okay, back to the yum!  Warm up the Mrs.Richardson's and put it in a pastry bottle (or whatever it's called--I got it at a cake supply store a while back). BE CAREFUL!  I heated mine in the bottle (not the most efficient method, but it is what it is), and when I took it out of the microwave, it SQUIRTED sauce all over the cupboard and burned my hand a little (after only 15 seconds!)

Anyway, squirt a little deliciousness into each cake bite....

And then patch each one with a little more dough.
You can then just gently roll them again to regain their round shapes. Chill again.

Crush the Heath bars and set aside.

 When the cake balls/bites are chilled again, dip them in melted candy coating
and sprinkle with the Heath candy before they cool/dry. 
I did some like that, and I then tried just stirring the Heath bits into the melted coating
and dipping the cake balls into that. It worked "okay," but not great.

And I also did some like this!

They're beautiful like this, but they have to be eaten right away, and believe me, they were--
I wish I had a video of Kyle's face when he at the first one--That does a mom's heart good :)

So, I made them three different ways, and to tell you the truth, all were delicious!


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